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    Designed for beauty and performance

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Space@Work, Inc
Number: (585) 414-7651
   Merrilee A. Olmstead, ASID, CID

Owner, Principal Designer

Ways to Go Green:  new ideas are being added and your input is welcome

  • Use Energy Star rated appliances
  • Do not litter and recycle everything that you can
  • Send cards and notes on recycled paper or send e-cards
  • Use low flow sink faucets and shower heads
  • Take your clients to locally owned restaurants
  • Turn off the dishwasher's drying cycle
  • Use rapidly renewable materials like bamboo, strawboard, linoleum and wool
  • Set the thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 65 degrees in the winter
  • Sign up for online banking to stop receiving paper statements
  • Cluster many errands into one trip
  • Be selective in what you print out and save documents in your computer memory
  • Reuse waste document paper for interoffice memos or note taking

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574 Howland Road
Shortsville, NY 14548


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574 Howland Road
Shortsville, NY 14548
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